Election Day

As each proposal passes, the community will get closer to voting milestones and an eventual community election day.

The Guardian Board will unlock a seat for community elections when certain milestones are crossed. This aims to bring the GB closer to a more community-weighted panel. The GB will start with 4 internal team members and gradually open 4 seats for community members.

This is meant to allow direct community participation from within the DAO organization. As the GB seats are filled, the community gains more power within the GB and also the DAO Committee, as the GB itself is a member of the DAO Committee.

Voting Milestones

  1. First election = 5 passed proposal

  2. Second election = 25 passed proposals

  3. Third election = 50 passed proposals

  4. Fourth election = 100 passed proposals

  5. Ascended Guardian election = 150 passed proposals

Election Process

After voting milestones have been met, the following week will be used for candidates to campaign for a seat on the Guardian Board. If warranted, some candidates can be nominated outside of Discussion posts. The DAO Committee and Guardian Board members are not allowed to vote on candidates. When officially granted the position, a user must join the Guardian Board multi-sig safe as a part owner.

  1. Candidates will create a post in the Discussion area of the Forum to “pitch” themselves to the community.

  2. After the week of campaigning ends, 3-4 candidates will be chosen for a multi-choice Snapshot vote, based on discussion and community engagement/activity on the Forum.

  3. The voting period will last 4 days and grant the candidate a seat on Guardian Board if passed.

  4. In certain cases, ELECT proposals might need to be escalated to another vote prior to a Governance level Vote.

Ascended Guardian

After all 4 Guardian Board seats have been filled, a new DAO Committee member seat will be unlocked. This member will be elected by the GB board from the community. Elected GB members are also eligible for the position and would be some of the best candidates.

If elected from the GB, then an election for that seat will need to be held to replace that member.

Important: All elected officials will be subject to a 6 month term before their seats next election.

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