All proposals must go through a discussion and feedback period. Proposals should contain links to any previous discussions in order to provide voters with the necessary information to make their voting decision.

Any community member can create a poll for voting through the CGDAO Snapshot space if the $CGG requirements are met. Admins reserve the right to remove any proposal that has not met proper discussion requirements.

Proposals will be split into low impact and high impact types. This provides members with a lower barrier of entry for simple or less intensive proposal and also helps with categorization, for voter ease-of-use.

It is highly advised that proposal authors gather adequate feedback and gain a sense of consensus before advancing through phases. Without a proper amount of community inspection and interest proposals will fail to pass.

Learn more about proposal tags.

Reminder: All proposals ready for a vote will be submitted as an off-chain poll through Snapshot.

Proposal Requirements

Low Impact Proposals

  1. Minimum 10k CGG to create a proposal

  2. Minimum 1000 CGG to vote

  3. 350k CGG Quorum (Guardian’s Promise L1 allowed) + 20 voters required to pass

High Impact Proposals

  1. Minimum 50k CGG to create a proposal

  2. Minimum 1000 CGG to vote (v2.0 = 10k CGG)

  3. 2.5M CGG Quorum (Guardian’s Promise L1 and L2 allowed) + 35 voters required to pass.

Guardian's Promise

The Guardian's Promise provision allows lower quorum requirements for passing a proposal. If enacted it requires less overall votes on a proposal but also a high amount of favorable votes with a minimum amount of voters. The Level 2 Promise can only be enacted once a proposal has failed to pass or under circumstantial levels of low activity. The use and utility of the Guardian's Promise could change in the future.

Guardian's Promise Level 1:

Allows soft quorum at 90% passing vote and 75% of quorum.

  • Decreases Low Impact quorum requirement to 262,500 CGG with minimum of 20 voters.

  • Decreases High Impact quorum requirement to 1,875,000 CGG with minimum of 35 voters.

Guardian's Promise Level 2:

Allows soft quorum at 95% passing vote and 40% of quorum.

  • Decreases High Impact quorum requirement to 1,000,000 CGG with minimum of 35 voters.

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