CGDAO Guardian Board


IamTroll, MridulSingh, Magnus, Adam, +4 Open seats


The main role of the Guardian Board is to act as a safety net for the community. It is tasked with resolving any issues that arise between a proposal’s outcome and the cgDao Committee’s actions. The GB will also be responsible for dealing with any possible voting abuse and/or fraudulent voting schemes, and also any issues with snapshot balances. As the GB grows it may have members tasked with other responsibilities such as project management, treasury allocations, and community education.


The Guardian Board will never be less than 4. Seats will be unlocked for elected members after every voting milestone, bringing the total number of GB members 8. In the future, if necessary, the community can open a vote for replacing non-community members on the board.


Any action taken requires 3 of 4 signatures. Eventually, 5 of 8. Any action to override the Committee’s actions will need a unanimous GB vote.


(1) Smart Contract Dev, (4) Community Member Seats

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