DAO Councils and Treasury

Council Overview

To facilitate decentralization responsibly, we have incorporated a multi-sig process that gradually gives more power to the community. The DAO will launch with two council groups, the DAO Committee and the Guardian Board (GB).

The purpose of the DAO committee is administrative and enacts the people's will by executing on-chain actions based on approved proposals. The purpose of the Guardian Board is for security/risk assessment, project management and as a pathway for exceptional community members to be appointed to.

Along with the DAO Committee and the Guardian Board there will also be two Treasuries to start with. As more assets are transferred to the DAO, the options for proposals and council groups will increase. In some cases the assets transferred might come from the result of a vote.

DAO Committee & Guardian Board

DAO Committee

Guardian Board members

Important: The membership and number of the councils could expand in the future to accommodate more community-elected members.

Treasury Overview

  1. Operating Treasury (Founder controlled)

  2. Community Treasury (DAO Committee controlled)

  3. Security Treasury (TBA)

  4. Check the Treasury section for more information.

Funding Streams

  • The DAO will start with a treasury of 30 million $CGG transferred from the Foundation Fund in phases. First phase will be a disbursement of 10 million $CGG.

    • The DAO treasury will represent around 25% Total Supply of $CGG.

  • Future NFT Sales

  • Node returns

  • Acquiring grants from other games, metaverse, and guild DAOs.

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