Participation vs Apathy

Encouraging Participation

  • Implementing two tiers of votes

    • Proposals with low impact only require 1000 VP to vote.

    • Proposals with high impact affecting protocols/governance/treasury will require 10,000 VP to vote.

  • Using Elections

    • Electing community members to show commitment towards more decentralization.

  • Incentivize voting

    • “I Voted Poaps”

    • Possible Guardian NFT

Avoiding Voter Apathy

  • Creating template and time requirements for proposals

    • Templates make it easy for users to progress through research and get to voting efficiently

    • Time requirements allow good proposals to filter to the top after peer review.

  • Direct proposal flows through forum admins.

    • This filters useless and junk proposals which can dilute and bore users.

  • Present tools for ease of use voting, data tracking, and provide governance education.

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