Voting and Proposals

Voting Overview

Voting will take place through off-chain polls created through Snapshot. No gas fee required. The CGDAO Governance Portal will be the main hub for voting.

Voting power is calculated from the $CGG held in your wallet + internally staked + CG NFTS (Guardians). The current minimum requirement to vote is a cumulative sum of 1000 Voting Power. Learn more below.

Check out the Voting Guide for a quick voting walkthrough with graphics.

Proposal Overview

A proposal will only be eligible to be put up for a vote by passing through phases of forum discussion.

Once a proposal is ready to be voted on, any one who meets the $CGG requirements can create the Snapshot poll.

Proposals will be considered either low or high impact types. Learn more below.

Check out the Proposal Guide for a quick proposal walkthrough with graphics.

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