Short for Chainguardians Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It is powered by $CGG and will be governed by the CG community. The DAO gives users the ability to directly influence. Anyone can add to the discussion or even create proposals, but it requires $CGG to create an official Snapshot poll.

What is the cgDAO committee? What is the Guardian Board?

The CGDAO Committee controls the Community treasury and is tasked with voting on any necessary changes or funds for passed protocols. The Guardian Board controls the Security treasury. It is tasked with the security of the governance process and will manage proposal oversight, practices, and at times project management.

How do I create a proposal?

Refer to the Proposals and Snapshot Voting Guide section. Video Coming Soon.

Where Do I Vote?

The main location for voting will be the official Chainguardians governance portal. As a secondary location, you may also vote through the Snapshot portal.

How Do I Vote?

Refer to the Voting Process section. Video Coming Soon.

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