CGDAO Committee


Idon, Robbeh, Emma, IamTroll, Guardian Board, Open seat


The main role of the cgDAO Committee will be to fulfill the results of community members' votes. It is the main body that enacts any off-chain outcomes from proposals that have been voted on and passed, and commits the action to on-chain. The committee is an entity that carries out the will of the voters. It does not make any decisions for actions to be committed on chain outside of passed DAO proposals and administrative actions. It is considered an entity that is a placeholder until fully autonomous solutions to DAO voting and on-chain actions are developed.


The Committee will never be less than 3. There will be a seat that unlocks for an elected member after certain voting milestones, making the total number of members 6.


Any action taken requires at least 3 of 5 signatures. In the future, it will require 3 of 6 signatures.


(2) Non Founder Seats

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