In a galaxy not too far away is the Cryptoverse. A place where blockchain planets are currently under attack from the tyrannical Tifans and their Gatekeeper forces. Join us in our fight against them, and together we can not only defeat the Gatekeepers and free the Blockchain planets from their control but Play2Earn at the same time.

Join us off world in the resistance core (RPG), or put in hard work over at the mining colonies.

Ah ha, my intrepid soldier. I see you have come to join me in the lucrative business of mining. Together we will reap the benefits of hard work and computer processing.

Here in my mining game you can attempt to loot the loot in two ways. Either mine solo or mine as one of my crew.

Soldier, I see you have joined us in our fight against the Tyrannical Tifans. I know you are weary, and would like to rest, but we are running out of time.

Join us quickly and help us defeat these oppressive forces and rid the Blockchain planets of these Gatekeeper forces. Together we will defeat the Tifans and restore freedom and independence to our worlds.

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